Help You Fight Acne Problems !

AI-Enabled Full Face Skin Quality Analysis


ClearFace utilizes AI technology to help you understand the quality of your skin.
All you need to do is take a selfie!

AcneNet architecture

Some screenshots...


ClearFace develops a computer vision engine - AcneNet - for full face skin analysis.
AcneNet is a deep convolutional neural network that conducts fast and precise analysis.

AcneNet architecture

We also build a full deep-learning pipeline, including a proprietary acne skin database and toolset.
AcneNet is trained, validated, and tested with this rich image set.

AcneNet result

Complete AI platform with expertise in full stack mobile app development.

Real-Time Mobile Vision

Face and boundary detection
Automatic ROI extraction

Proprietary Skin Database

Detailed labeled image data set
In-house toolset for DB pipeline

In-App Inference

All analyses are conducted on the phone
Privacy is important - HIPAA Compliance !


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Joe Tai

Strategy Officer